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Preserve a healthy mouth and beautiful smile with comprehensive dental care that includes family dentistry services, cosmetic procedures, and oral-hygiene support. At Spillman Family Dental, Dr. Travis Spillman and Dr. Thomas Ryan, along with an expert staff, provide you with all you need to keep your mouth healthy. If you live in Rockwall, Texas, or the surrounding communities, call the office to get all of your oral health care needs covered.

Comprehensive Care

What is comprehensive dental care?

Comprehensive dental care involves maintaining the health of your teeth, soft tissue, and surrounding structures in your mouth. All of your lifestyle habits and any relevant health history or current medical conditions are also taken into account during treatment.

Comprehensive care encompasses annual dental checkups on cosmetic procedures, such as veneers and inlays. If you’re in need of dental restoration to correct misalignments in your bite or abnormalities within your jaw, Spillman Family Dental can offer solutions.

Who benefits from comprehensive dental care?

Men, women, and families benefit from comprehensive care to preserve good dental health or restore it if you should have an issue. Comprehensive care involves preventive measures as well as treatments. Regular cleanings, X-rays, and exams can help:

  • Prevent or correct decay
  • Diagnose and resolve gum disease
  • Identify stressful habits, such as clenching and grinding, and offer solutions
  • Diagnose infection or oral health problems

What happens during a comprehensive dental care visit?

Dr. Spillman and Dr. Ryan do a thorough exam of your dental health, dental conditions, medical conditions, and family medical history. All of these factors are taken into account when evaluating your oral health; the team at Spillman Family Dental recognizes that the health of your teeth is often a reflection of the health of other systems in your mouth and your body. For example, issues such as GERD or diabetes can affect your teeth’s health and integrity. A comprehensive dental care visit and plan accounts for these factors.

The doctors also discuss with you any concerns or goals you have surrounding your oral health and appearance. They want you to be comfortable emotionally and physically with any treatment protocols.

They may take X-rays and digital photographs, and conduct periodontal probing, to get a complete understanding or your smile’s health. You may also undergo impressions, analysis of your jaw function, and bite registrations, depending on your specific dental issues, exam results, and customized treatment plan. Comprehensive dental care aims to help you maintain optimal oral health for a lifetime.

Call Spillman Family Dental to learn how comprehensive dental care can maximize your oral health for a lifetime.