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My Toothache Suddenly Disappeared; Should I Still Be Worried?

September 13, 2023

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A toothache is an incredibly unpleasant experience. It is typically accompanied by sharp, throbbing, miserable pain that can easily disrupt day-to-day activities. If you’ve been suffering through a toothache for a while only to find that it suddenly stops, you might think that the problem has resolved itself. Unfortunately, it is far more likely that you should be even more concerned at that point. Here’s why your toothache might have vanished and why this means you have even more reason to see your emergency dentist.

What Causes a Toothache?

While toothaches can be caused by a large bit of food stuck between the teeth or pockets of air trapped in cracks in the enamel, most of the time they are caused by an advanced stage of tooth decay. The human mouth hosts billions of bacteria, and some of them are harmful to dental health if their populations are not controlled by proper oral hygiene.

Tooth decay begins when these bacteria start eating their way through the enamel layer, causing an infection called a cavity. Cavities do not heal on their own, and if left untreated these bacteria will breach the hard enamel and dentin layers and infect the soft pulp at the center of the tooth.

Why Might a Toothache Disappear?

The pulp contains both blood vessels and nerve endings. When the pulp becomes infected, its tissue will become inflamed, causing the nerves to send pain signals to the brain. If the toothache goes untreated, the bacteria can infect and kill the nerve endings. Since a dead nerve cannot send pain signals, the toothache will seem to end at this point. Unfortunately, the infection and the decay it causes will continue.

While tooth decay will eventually lead to the loss of the tooth, it also carries risks to other parts of the body. The infection can spread from one tooth to another, causing more toothache and tooth loss. Even worse, the blood vessels within the pulp can carry infectious bacteria to other parts of the body, which can result in potentially lethal secondary infections like sepsis. The bottom line is: if your toothache disappears suddenly, get to the dentist immediately.

What Can a Dentist Do About a Toothache?

Modern root canals are painless procedures that can save an infected tooth from extraction. After applying a local anesthetic, your dentist will remove the infected enamel and dentin as well as the whole of the infected pulp. They will then sanitize and seal the interior of the tooth, protecting it from any future infections. Your tooth will then be restored with a filling or a crown. You will be back to smiling painlessly in no time.

Toothaches can be prevented with proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, but your dentist is well-prepared to deal with one if it happens. If your toothache seems to disappear, don’t let that diminish your sense of urgency about the situation. Getting to the dental office as soon as possible can save your beautiful smile.

About the Practice

Spillman Family Dental of Rockwall is dedicated to making patients’ lives better by solving and preventing oral health problems. Led by Drs. Travis Spillman and Nancy Nguyen, the staff provides top-notch dental care in a compassionate and comfortable environment. Services include general, restorative, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry such as root canal treatments. If you are suffering from a toothache, dial (972) 945-0887. If you would like to schedule a routine appointment, contact the office online.

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